About Us

With over 100,000 museums and galleries exhibiting art in Europe and the US, individual exhibitions in these venues and thousands more public and commercial locations often struggle to stand out from the crowd to connect with active art lovers.

Whether mounted in a museum, public or commercial gallery, art or antique fair or in any other venue, your exhibition can instantly and effectively connect to your market of art lovers via Locarto.com.

Both web-based and as an application for iPhone and Android phones, Locarto.com is ready to display your exhibition from the day you list and activate it, and it will appear within its opening period on Locarto users’ searches on the location and dates.

Listings are free of charge, and for even better exposure Locarto.com offers banner advertising.

Locarto.com offers so much more than clean, instant and reliable display of your art exhibition both in map and list form. It is also a platform on which mobile application users can share their impressions of your exhibition with their friends through other social media platforms.